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In the heart of Rome, at the foot of the Spanish Steps, there is an English museum dedicated to the Romantic poets. This is the Keats-Shelley House, the Casina Rossa, where John Keats died in 1821.

Today the Keats-Shelley House is visited by poetry lovers from all over the world and is a centre for Romantic Studies. The beautifully restored eighteenth century palazzo has a unique collection of relics and treasures associated with the younger generation of Romantic poets and their circle. It also houses the finest library of Romantic literature in Europe. You can find out more about the house and its history on the Keats-Shelley House website.

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Becoming a Friend

By becoming a Friend of KSMA you will be joining us in supporting the Keats-Shelley House in Rome which receives no public funding. You will also be a member of an association of people who share an interest in the Romantics.

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Keats-Shelley Prize

An annual competition for essays and poems on Romantic themes.
The Keats-Shelley Prize, inaugurated in 1998, encourages writers to respond creatively to the work of the Romantics and is promoted extensively through universities, libraries and writing courses. The competition is open to everyone post secondary school.

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