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Percy Bysshe Shelley in the Baths of Caracalla, Joseph Severn 1845


The Sosibios Vase  by John Keats, 1818

Yours Ever

Shelley Funeral

The Funeral of Shelley by Louis Edouard Fournier, 1889

Poetry Gallery

Recordings of Songs and Poems by Keats and Shelley by Eton College Music Schools.
Readings by Scott Brooksbank and Nick Afka
Baritone Ed Jones
Piano Gwylin Evans
Producer Nick Goetzee
Director Angus Graham-Campbell
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Shelley To Jane
Shelley Indian Serenade
Keats Ode to Melancholy
Shelley Ozymandius
Keats Ode to a Grecian Urn
Shelley The Mask of Anarchy
Shelley To....
Shelley A Widow Bird Sat Mourning
Keats Ode to a Nightingale
Shelley Ode to the West Wind
Keats To Autumn
Shelley Aziola
Keats Bright Star
Keats Bright Star Song

Text of poems

Poems by Previous Winners of the Keats- Shelley Prize
Click on the poem titles to read. The essays are published in past editions of the Keats-Shelley Review. Selected back copies of the Review are available through: http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/yksr20/current

Rukmini Maria Kallimachi The Anatomy of Wild Flowers
Sarah Wotton, essay Keats in Early Pre-Raphaelite Art   Review No.12
Kate Parrish Ode to Someone in the Pool
James Burton, essay Keats and Coldness    Review No. 13
Antony Nichols Graveyard Shift
Helena Nelson, essay Wherefore all the Wormy Circumstance   Review No. 14
Robert Saxton The Nightingale Broadcasts
Tony Venables, essay The Lost Traveller   Review No. 15
Jane Draycott The Night Tree
Joe Francis, essay Doubting the Mountain: an Approach to Mont Blanc    Review No.16
Leonie Rushforth Bearings 

Stephen Burley, essay Shelley, the United Irishman and the Illuminati  Review No. 17
Isabel Lusted Soul with White Wings
Porscha Fermanis, essay Stadial Theory, Robertson’s History of America, and Hyperion    Review No. 18
Edmund Cusick Speaking in Tongues 

David Taylor, essay Prometheus Unbound   Review No. 19

Martin Mc Ritchie The Experiment
Alison Pearce, essay Magnificent Mutilations   Review No. 20
Richard Marggraf Turley Elisions
Adam Gyngell, essay Ye Elemental Genii   Review No. 21
John Gohorry  Lost
Susan Miller, essay Hellenic and Scientific Influences in P.B. Shelley’s Medusa   Review No. 22
D.H. Maitreyabandhu The Small Boy and the Mouse
Jillian Hess, essay This Living Hand: Commonplacing Keats   Review No. 23
Simon Armitage The Present
Andrew Lacey, essay Wings of Poesy: Keats’s Birds   Review No. 24
Pat Borthwick Lord Leighton Brings Arabia to Holland Park
Priyanka Soni, essay Natura Naturata: Shelley’s Philosophy of the Mind in Creation   Review No. 25


Nick MacKinnon, Terrier in Rape

Ruth Scobie, essay Mary Shelley's Monstrous Explorers:James Cook, James King and a Sledge in Kamchatka   Review No. 26


Patrick Cotter, Madra

Eleanor Fitzsimons,essay The Shelleys in Ireland: passion masquerading as insight?

Paul McMahon, Tom's Pouch of Cure Stones
Daniella Cugini, Presence
Harry Cochrane, essay  The Romantic Dante
Stephen Horvath, essay  How did Revolutions in Politics Affect the Poetic Revolution in 'Lyrical Ballads?’


Will Kemp, ‘ Driving to Work at 5am listening to Toccata and Fugue in D Minor

Riona Millar, ' Sonnet after Frankenstein

Michael Allen, essay, 'A Distant Idea of Proximity: How Keats handled Beauty’.

Sofia Amanda Bening, Young Romantics essay, ‘The Stuff that Romantic Dreams are made Of’.